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2018-09-24 NY date
Welcome to HCI25
walking manHCI25 are aiming to explore innovative financial solutions and facilitate global investment potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement by providing global reach and connectivity between capital markets and knowledge driven investors profiteering from yielding investment.- generate ideas, concepts and strategies through imaginative, methodical and creative thinking and science based real world applications for leveraging visions towards leadership on global markets.

HCI25 are advising on:
• Investment & Private Banking and Wealth Management
sign up now• Insurance Programs
• Project Funding (Project related Trading Programs)
• Capital Investment & Asset Management
(Private Placement Programs)
• Geo-economic Strategies and International Economic Relations
(Economic Diplomacy)

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February 7th 2017

We are Back !


I couldnt be more proud of our great leader Mr. Joshua Millard with his closest team that managed to get HCI25 back online and to have managed to activate the Investments as well for the Pension Plan. Im 100% sure that our founder Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash is happy in his corner up in heaven looking down at us.

Welcome back all !





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